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savoir faire l’âne pour avoir du son



Habillés de la tête au pied d’un camouflage shamanique, emblème visuel de leur présence mystique, les Snapped Ankles libèrent une énergie sonore unique provenant de l’influence des sombres feuillages du Post-Punk.
Le groupe londonien n’a pas peur de l’originalité. Des synthés en forme de bûches fabriqués sur mesure aux explosions de guitare brutes sur des raves électriques, leurs spectacles sont une rêverie tout droit sortie des bois.
Come play the Tree,1er album de Snapped Ankles, précède CIA MAN, titre fraîchement clippé, sorti chez RSD, Violations.
Laisse-toi faire, avec Snapped Ankles l’appel de la forêt va se faire entendre à la Ferme Electrique !

Snapped Ankles are ripping up the rulebook by… playing logs? (Noisey)

If you’re looking for something different you may want to check out this trio who dress like hedges and had me interview them at a dogging hotspot in the rain.
“This is a real dogging hotspot,” says Austin, lead singer of group Snapped Ankles, as he walks me through the woods. We’ve gone past a car park and deep into Epping Forest, an ancient woodland where London bleeds into Essex. You can just about make out the remains of some police crime scene pushed into the sticky mud and a single upturned plastic chair sits incongruously underneath a tree. Clearly, some weird shit happens in these woods…


New Snapped Ankles (The Quietus)

Snapped Ankles share an updated take on The Fugs’ ‘CIA Man’ for the Edward Snowden generation ahead of their appearance on tQ’s stage at this year’s Desertfest.
East London’s Snapped Ankles have shared a new track, called ‘CIA Man (NSA Violation)’, which you can hear exclusively below.
The track sees the trio, who came together in 2011, cover The Fugs’ 1965 track ‘CIA Man’ with an updated twist, touching on the NSA revelations uncovered by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013…

Snapped Ankles - CIA Man