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They’re the perfect mix between electronic beats, cosmic tunes, jazz vibes and dance music and they’re called Zombie Zombie. They bring about their own private universe and it’s both synthetic and real. And deep. And unique. Their last LP called Livity was released in 2017 by Versatile Records and it digs deeper into rythms and exotic savoury tastes mixing up with the vibrant keyboards of Étienne Jaumet. They’re 3 and they also wrote the O.S.T of Sébastien Marnier’s first two feature films. Their music is made to dance on and to melt with. It sounds like it came straight outta space and it gets you ready to fly. We’ve been dreaming of them round here at LFE for years. This time, they’ll be therz with us. For real.

The Synthtastic World of Zombie Zombie (Bandcamp Daily)

Throughout their decade-long career, Zombie Zombie have demonstrated an incomparable ability to craft perfect atmospheres with their music—sounds that immerse the listener into fleeting worlds full of tension, ominous moments punctuated by John Carpenter-like synth lines, pulse-raising beats and, finally, moments of respite. Their music is strange and mischievous, eschewing every possible path to predictability while still conjuring old associations with concepts you may or may not know you have in your head—like visions of the future concocted in a ’70s sci-fi film set…


The Phantom Band meet Goblin and Zombie Zombie (Drowned in Sound)

The Phantom Band meet Zombie Zombie:
PB:What is your all time favourite horror film soundtrack?
ZZ: John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13th, it’s a very minimal theme which makes it very powerful, just a bass line and a drum machine, revolutionary at the time for movie scores.
Have you been asked to soundtrack a film yourselves yet?
No not really yet, we are touring with a project right now where we wrote a new soundtrack for the Eisenstein film Battleship Potemkin, and we’re playing music live on the movie, next time will at the Glasgow Film Festival in February…