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Os Noctàmbulos are; Baldo (ex Blutt, Revizors) on Drums, Coline Presley (ex The Jesus Loves Heroin Band, Elvis…) on Bass & backing vocals, Nick Wheeldon (ex The Jesus Loves Heroin Band, 39th & The Nortons) on Lead Vocals & rhythm guitar and Valentin Buchens (ex Elvis…) on Lead Guitar.
With reverberating, angst-ridden vocals submerged beneath jangling guitars, the Paris-based Os Noctàmbulos, hark back to late ’80s indie as much as they do to mid-60s garage. Velvet Underground-style treble runs drill into your ears over chiming, Byrdsian 12-string riffs, while the warm Farfisa organ brings more than a hint of The Seeds to proceedings. Os Noctambulos know that great garage-psych makes a virtue of brevity and directness rather than stoned-out jamming. Furthermore there’s a playful strut to their near-perfect nuggets that eschews the current vogue for maximum heaviness in favour of something altogether more nimble and charming.
After their critically acclaimed debut Corsica Garden, 2016’s sophomore album ‘Stranger’ saw these Paris scene stalwarts bang out some of the year’s most loveable lo-fi garage rock in the Fugs/Sonics vein but they’ve moved from ’66 to ’67, with 2017’s 7″ I Can’t Read Your Mind & ‘The Devils’EP, and gone full on flower power. The move suits them well with singer Nick’s vocals given more room and the channels clearer for their sweet psychedelic rush to hit home with added precision. They’ve always been able to pen a catchy tune but there’s an attention to detail here that hints at a learning curve tipping sharply skywards.
The band have been releasing records (2 x LP’s, 2 x 7″, 2 x EP’s + numerous compilations) since 2014 and our currently recording their 3rd album with producer Paul Trigoulet, set for release in 2019.
It’s confirmed, Os Noctàmbulos are still one of the scene’s best kept secret’s!

Os Noctambulos : Paris-based band does freakbeat (

No, this is not a Brazilian underground outfit from the 60s. Apparently, this album (the second from this Paris-based band of three years) was recorded pretty quickly between December 2014 and April 2015, in just three days. Odd that they spread those three days over such a long time, though… Thing is, it wasn’t recorded to a hard disc but to ½” tape at a home studio called Corsica Garden, featuring Baldo on percussion, Coline on Bass, Valentin on lead guitar and Nick on vocals and rhythm guitar…


Album Review: Os Noctàmbulos – Stranger (Speak into my Good Eye)

Stationed in Paris, the band Os Noctàmbulos- which consists of Baldo (Drums), Coline (Bass), Valentin (Lead Guitar) & Nick (Vox/Rhythm Guitar) -emits a curious energy that encompasses a plethora of psych, surf, and garage. A 60’s vibe, hazy and smooth, with lyrics that always seem to teeter on the edge of some sort of tripped out nostalgia.
Their latest release, Stranger, is definitely an experimental album, and the thing is, it works…beautifully so. Nick’s voice haunts the soul. It howls through the night, aching to deliver glacial seclusion riddled with unrest, bleating out the woes of these peculiar times we live in, and shaking with passionate insanity…