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You are a French Indie Rock Music lover so you know all there is to know about Frustration but do think about all the lovely greedily curious bearers of ears who wish to shake it and roll till death comes reap them!
They were born in the nineties. They’re a beacon of French Rock. They’re the first band Born Bad Record released (just look them up, their back catalogue will bring about brilliant discoveries, I promise!). Frustration is the most lovable French Cold Wave band. They sound perfectly in, they’re perfect on stage, they write perfect Protest song lyrics you’ll want to learn by heart. Their keyboard throbs till your ears buzz and blow. Their guitar is so tense anybody close enough to it instantly starts shaking without restraint.
Frustration already came to LFE in 2013 and the gravels jiggled and rolled. Back then, Manu still played bass for them. For our 10th edition, they’re back to destroy the walls they left standing. Be there!

Frustration (Europavox)

Frustration is an important, even historical, name in the Born Bad roster: their mini-LP Full of Sorrow was the label’s first release back in 2006. Frustration is also an important name in the very definition of their sound. Rare are the bands whose name fits their music so perfectly…


French post punk label and… (Next)

Formed in september 2002 by members of the parisian “happy family” Anteenagers mc, Teckels, Operation S, No Talents, Steve & the jerks, Four Slicks, Les Terribles & Warum Joe.
Frustration have decided to explore the dark, cold, sad but tense side of rock’n’roll. Influenced by postpunk & coldwave bands such as Crisis, Warsaw/Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Fall etc…