play donkey to get noise



They’re 4. They sound toxic and shamanic. They’re the perfect mix of noise & post punk music from Lille, France.
They’re ever-changing, avoiding every pop rock cliché with precaution. Fleuves Noires plays music that walks on, relentlessly, no boredom allowed. There’s the rythm section that sounds like Can fucked Pere Ubu and bore its baby, and then, up front there’s a psychotic voice, many voices even and it all slips and slides with effects and multipronged approaches so that effortlessly, you’re on board, vividly expecting the trip to come.
“Respecte moi”, their 1st Lp just got released by Jarane, Te Koop, Tandori Records, Poutrage Records, Smart and Confused and Etienne Disqs and it received enough kudos to be awarded the worst record cover award of the month of February 2019 by New Noise Magazine. No doubt about it, Fleuves Noirs will shake the LFE#10. We got walls and they’ll definitely run to them!